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Shipping & Picking up

We are located in

Lake Placid, FL

Shipping is available within the USA at an additional cost of $450 for Mini Schnauzer puppies and Giant Schnauzer puppies. But please keep in mind that the price may vary. 

Shipping to different countries is available depending on the country and shipping fees might be higher.

When shipping a puppy, full puppy payment + shipping cost has to be paid 3 weeks (sometimes sooner) before the puppy is shipped due to shipping and handling accommodations. If payment isn't met as stated, the deposit will be forfeited and the puppy will be available to re-sell.

We offer flight nanny or cargo shipping. I only use cargo shipping if my flight nanny or I am not available at the time. My flight nanny or I would meet you at your nearest airport and give you the puppy personally. You will be given the flight information so that you know at what time we will be arriving, and where. You would need to go and look for the terminal. We will personally give you, your puppy, and the documents. If the flight nanny option isn't available then you would pick up your puppy in the airline's cargo department though this option would be the last resort. 

Shipping in Florida: shipping

in Florida varies by location. If you want this option, please let me know so that I can look at your location and give you an estimate. Farther up north or farther up the south (Fl Keys) might require shipping via airlines and/or higher shipping fees. Please get in touch with me for shipping availability.

You can also pick up the puppy yourself. You would need to make an appointment to come to pick up your puppy.


Please get in touch with me for more shipping information or clarification. 

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