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What is a deposit?


A deposit is a nonrefundable holding fee and it is like a promise that you will purchase the puppy. Deposits start being collected after the puppies turn 1-3 days old. A puppy under a deposit is no longer available for sale. For Minis, if you are set on a color and the color is known at birth, you can pick at the same time you place the deposit. If the color is unknown at birth, then it is better to wait until 5 weeks old. If there is more than 1 same color same gender puppy, you will pick the one you want in the order the deposits were received at time of pick up (after they turn 8 weeks old). For giant schnauzer puppies, you will pick the puppy you want on the same day of pick up (after the puppy turns 8 weeks old).

How much is the deposit?


Why is the deposit non-refundable?

When a puppy has a deposit, it is no longer available for sale. This means that I will not offer that puppy to anyone else, and if you back out, that puppy lost precious time in finding a real home. So, if you decide you do not want the puppy anymore, I will not return your deposit, think of it as a penalty for wasting both the puppy's and my time. So please make sure that when you place the deposit, you are 100% sure that you have what the puppy costs, that you can have the puppy, that there is nothing that will get in the way, and that you will purchase this puppy and take him/her home when they are ready to go. It is your responsibility, before placing the deposit, to make sure you can make the final payment and bring this puppy home with you when it is ready no matter the circumstances.

What if you no longer want to sell me the puppy, what happens to my deposit?

I will kindly let you know and return your deposit. 

What if the puppy doesn't pass his/her health check-up?

Depending on the reason, if the puppy does not pass the health check-up due to a life-altering illness, you have a few options to choose from. You can transfer the holding fee to a different available puppy of the same litter or wait for another litter to be born and pick one from that litter. You can also choose to get the deposit back. This is the only reason I would refund the deposit. Deposits are non-refundable for any other reason.

Will I get a receipt when putting in a deposit?

Yes, you will get a receipt stating the amount you paid for the deposit. The receipt will state the puppy you want, gender, color, etc., or picking slot. The receipt will also state the remaining balance you will owe. This receipt needs to be signed and returned to me.

Does the deposit count towards the whole price of the puppy?

Yes. When the puppy is ready to go home with you, you will subtract the deposit amount from the whole price of the puppy. The deposit receipt will say the remaining amount you will owe. Whole price - Deposit amount. For prices please click on the "Prices" button at the bottom or the "Wait List Form" button.


Deposits are only transferrable within 1 year of being received.

As a courtesy, if something happens/changes before the puppy is ready to go and you can no longer go forward with the purchase of the puppy, you can transfer the deposit to a future litter within 1 year of your deposit being received. Please understand that if for some reason we no longer breed the dog you wanted you will still not get a refund, you would need to get a breed I have available. 

If you have any other questions, or need clarification, please visit our contact page and send us an email.

Waiting List

What is a waiting list?


The waiting list is exactly what it sounds like. Whoever is on this list will have priority over whoever is not. If I do not have the puppy you are looking for, it is best to fill out the waiting list form. Wait listers will be contacted on a first come first serve basis when puppies are born.

Why was the waiting list created?

The waiting list was created for customers who are committed to waiting on my puppies. Once the puppy you want is born, the next step is the deposit to hold the puppy. Puppies will not be held for anyone unless a deposit is made.

Do I need to pay a fee to be added to this waiting list? How Much? and Why?

A $50 waiting list fee will be charged ONLY for the Giant Schnauzer waiting list. This is to help me weed out inquiries that are not serious and help me work more efficiently. 

If you have any other questions, please visit our contact page and send us an email, text me, or call me.

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