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Referral and Returning Customer Program

Refer a friend and get $100

Referrals When you refer a friend it helps us place our wonderful puppies with great families. For this reason, we have decided to add the referral program as a thank-you! For every person you refer to us resulting in a sale, we will give you $100. It can be friends, family, or even a stranger you met at the grocery store or vet's office. If you do refer someone please make sure you get the person's name or info that we can match to the person you referred to us. Fill out the form below to receive payment for your referral.

Returning Customers: If you have already purchased a puppy from us, or adopted a retired Schnauzer from us, you qualify for the Returning Customer discount. Customers that return will get $100 off each puppy they purchase from us for life. Returning customers are required to show proof of previous purchases. When puppies go home, customers get a copy of the sales contract and that will be required as proof if needed. 


Please get in touch with me for more info about any of these programs.

For Referral program payment please fill out the form below if you already referred someone. 

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